Christina rode furiously for what seemed like days, determined to reach the kingdom of Carbonville as soon as possible, her mind full of revenge. As she neared the boarders to the Kingdom of Carbonville, she had to pass through the desolate valleys, named the Sorrowful Realm of Moodles. No one knew what moodles were, some said they were the souls of loved ones lost, destined to walk the earth for eternity, others said they were giant baby eating ogres that only came out at night.

What Christina didn't know, was that "The Deadly One" had many spies around the borders of Carbonville, and had already been alerted to her travels. After consulting the great seer Flame of the Fang Clan, and learning of Christina's intents, he sent one of his minions, The Migster, to stop her from reaching the castle by all means necessary.

The Migster had the ability to turn into a black crow, and it didn't take him long to find Christina, she had stopped at a creek bed to drink and replenish her energy. He swooped down on her, and turned back into his true form, she was startled and was not able to get to her horse, but instead ran across the valley, and head first into a forest of black wood trees. She was already tired to the point of exhaustion, the sword becoming like an anvil as she ran. Her normal brave exterior was cracking, and soon she was sobbing and tripping as she tried to get away from The Migster and his poisoned daggers of death.

She came out of the forest and nearly toppled over the edge of a cliff, stopping only just in time, as pebbles tumbled into the giant chasm that stood before her, a deep ravine with raging waters at the base. She turned as she heard The Migster come up behind her, snarling and leering. He had a job to do after all, he didn't always like it, or enjoy it, but if he disobeyed, he'd lose everything, and he swore he'd always put blood before water.

"I'm sorry, but he has commanded, and so it must be." He took one of his daggers and aimed for poor Christina's heart, as he went to throw it, a giant roar came from above, startling the Migster and throwing off his aim, the dagger sinking into Christina's right shoulder instead of her beating heart. The pain and shock sent her backwards, falling weightlessly to her doom, but at the last second, a giant black winged figure appeared in the sky, swooping down and catching Christina mid-fall, and carried her off, to safety or her death, there was no way to know. The Migster was annoyed, but confident the poison would kill her regardless, and left to tell his master that the deed was done.

Chapter Nine - Secret Passage

List of Facts LearnedEdit

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