Blue shivered as she tried to keep warm, the kind lady that had visited her, well she wasn't sure how long ago it was. Between the medicine that finally helped her sleep and heal some of her injuries, and being in the cold dark dungeons, she had no idea how long it had been since she'd seen the woman. She had no idea who she was, she looked familiar but she couldn't place her, but she was so kind.

The guards seemed to be ignoring her mostly, one rather ugly looking one had pushed in some cold porridge through the bars earlier, but it tasted horrible. As she moved to try and get more comfortable, she could hear a few thuds from down the hall, then footsteps on the cold hard stones. She tried to make herself as small as possible in the corner of her prison, curled up in a ball, nervously watching the approach of the footsteps.

She cringed as he stepped into view, his armour glinting in the light of the flaming torches that lit the dungeons, his halberd hanging at his right side, the black of the onyx almost disappearing into the shadows. She feared the worse, but remained silent.

"M'lady, the Queen sent me to check in on you, she is unable to get away right now without it looking suspicious, as her son would not like her helping you." His voice was deep and echoed off the walls around him, she was still unsure of whether she should trust him, but in her position she had few options. Too scared to speak she simply stared at him. He looked around, then preceded to take off a pack that she hadn't noticed before, carefully he pulled out a warm blanket and some fruit and cheese, as well as more medicine. "If you look carefully, this cell has a loose stone, just a few feet from where you are now, there's space behind it, hide your things there when the guards come to check on you every 8 hours, the queen said she would try and check on you again as soon as she can." He waited for a response, but Blue was still scared to speak, as he sighed and turned to leave, she finally found her voice.

"W...wait.....what's....what's your name?" She asked meekly, the man stopped and turned to her.

"Ser Brockles, what's left of the Queen's guard, don't expect help from many though m'lady, most here are loyal to Lord Hydro only, and care little for his mother Queen Riri, or Lady Riri as they call her." He smiled a bit, and then left, wanting to get away before any of the guards awoke. Blue sighed and picked at some of the fruit and cheese, then wrapped herself in the warm blanket and finally fell asleep, with dreams of home.

Chapter Twelve - Sister's Reunite

List of Learned FactsEdit

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