Christina's fever was sky-rocketing by the time her rescuer had set her down on a soft bed of leaves and moss, she'd been in and out of consciousness the entire ride there. Mercer was unsure of what the dagger had been laced with, but it was clear it was no ordinary dagger. Mercer spoke a few words in the old tongue, a-thu-lah so-nar-ah, and the dagger slid itself out of her shoulder and spun slowly mid-air. Mercer knew this might be important in finding the cure, so he brought it with him, floating along by his side, as he made his way to go speak with Shisaac, the great Healer.

Fortunately Shisaac was not far, as he sniffed at the dagger, he used his powers of sense to figure out what kind of poisons or dark magic were used in cursing the blade. "It is good you brought her here, this smells of The Deadly One's handiwork. Though, I am surprised she is not already dead, he rarely misses the heart." Shisaac's voice was deep and echoed across the dark forest.

Mercer responded, his voice a bit huskier than Shisaac's, "I do not believe it was The Deadly One who threw the blade, perhaps one of his minions. Either way, the girl is very sick, the fever runs hot, and I fear she has little time left."

"I understand," He used telekinesis to lift a small patch of moss, and then followed Mercer quickly to where the girl lay. She looked so fragile and little on the large pile of leaves and moss, Shisaac didn't hesitate one he arrived, he started to mutter various words in the ancient tongue under his breath. After a few minutes Christina's breathing seemed to even out and become calmer, Shisaac carefully lowered the patch of moss onto the wound. "That should take away any remaining poisons or infections, now it's just a matter of time. While we wait, I feel we should hold a meeting with the elders, her arrival here may be just the proof we need to show the others that the prophecies are indeed coming to fruition. Perhaps now they will believe us."

Mercer sighed, nearly 5000 years had passed, but the guilt still pressed upon him like the pressure from the deepest oceans. He still stood by his choice, his only regret that his beloved wife hadn't joined him, and now with the prophecies of the great Oracle Shadow Walker coming to pass, it did not bode well for what was to come.

Chapter Sixteen - The Lost Twins

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