As Lady Riri made her way down to the dungeons with a basket of food and medicine, she used the light from the full moon to illuminate her way, as she feared lighting a torch might alert someone to her presence, and the last thing she wanted was for it to get back to her son Hydro that she was helping the Princess.

Upon reaching the dungeons, she used some leftover potion that the great witch of roses had given her years earlier, to put the guard to sleep. As she neared Princess Blue's cell, she could hear sniffling from inside. Poor Blue had cried herself to the point of exhaustion, and when Riri found her, she was curled up in the back corner, on a sparse bit of hay, that hardly did anything to keep out the cold and damp. Her clothes were torn from the journey, a bloodied and dried up cut on her forehead where it was clear someone had hit her quite hard.

When Blue saw Riri, she whimpered, scared, not knowing what to expect, Riri simply put her fingers to her mouth and whispered kindly, "I'm here with food, water and some medicine, it's not much, but it's all I can do." Blue's stomach growled, and her lips were dry from thirst, too tired to fight or even stand, she crawled her way over to the cage door. Riri passed the food and water through the door and cautioned Blue to drink and eat slowly so she wouldn't make herself sick. Then through the bars, Riri tenderly took care of Blue's wounds. "I'm so, so sorry, my son, he's, well he wasn't always like this, he was once a brave, kind and caring boy, and I hope he'll be that way again someday, before someone kills him and it'll be too late to ever change."

All Blue could do was hold back sobs at every mention of the man who had her taken, but the food tasted so good and the water was soothing, and Lady Riri was so kind to take care of her wounds. "I'll come back tomorrow night with a blanket, but I should go before someone sees me." Blue whimpered, not wanting this kind woman to leave her alone in the dark scary dungeon, and grabbed her hand through the bars with pleading eyes. Lady Riri couldn't turn away from those sweet innocent eyes, and decided instead to wait until the milk of the poppy did it's job to ease poor blue's pain, and let her sleep through the night. Once Blue's breathing indicated she was finally sleeping, Lady Riri made her way back up to her rooms in the North Tower, and sat to write a letter to the Great Witch of Roses, pleading for her help.

Chapter Six - Land of Divergent

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