The Great Witch of Roses, whose real name must never be spoken out loud, woke up in the middle of the night sweating profusely. It was the dreams again, so many people's time lines, about to converge on one fixed point, it was torture to stand back and watch it all unravel. She knew it must though, because it was finally time that Angeli and her children, Annamisasa and Christina the Brave finally learn the truth about their father, it was time all of Demiville learned the truth about their Great King Lyre and who the dogs Kookoo and Kreme really were. If Lord Hydro only knew the truth about his own father, perhaps he'd be less mean all the time, and then there was Poor Ser Naruto the Freak and Ser Xerxes the Rabbit and their long lost childhoods.

Soon the truth of who "The Deadly One" really is will be revealed to Lady Riri the Graceful, and it all had The Great Witch of Roses in the centre of this great storm, the eye, the all-seeing, the all-knowing, but the ever lonely. She checked the clock, it was the first day of the new moon of the year of the jemroses. It was time to dust off her old blue box, and start the great journey she had seen coming as a little child. She dressed quickly, and made her way down to the cellar, opening the secret panel behind the stairs, revealed a secret door. She made her way into the room hidden under the stars, and found an old blue box sitting on a dusty book shelf, made of ancient wood with ancient symbols. She dusted it off, and carefully pulled it from its hiding spot. Soon, very soon, it would be time to open the box, and all would be revealed, and nothing would ever be the same again, in all the kingdoms, in all the worlds, in all the galaxies, time would soon stand still.

Chapter Five - The Sad Little Princess

List of Facts LearnedEdit

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