As Ser Naruto awoke from a rather peaceful slumber, the cold reality of where he was and what his mission was slid back into his thoughts. It had felt good to finally have a good night's sleep, but that didn't change the fact that he still had a job to do, the princess still needed to be rescued. He looked over and noticed that his friend Ser Xerxes had already risen for the day, his bed empty. Naruto yawned and got up, dressed, and then headed out towards the main room where they had eaten the night before.

Minx de Arte was already there when he arrived, talking to Ser Xerxes. "Ahhh you've woken Ser Naruto, we were just discussing plans to get you fresh mounts, supplies and weapons for the remainder of your journey." the Enchantress had such a lovely voice, Naruto felt enthralled just listening to her. It took a few seconds after she finished talking before Naruto found his voice again.

"We appreciate all the help, as well I'm sure King Lyre will also appreciate any help that gets his daughter back to him safely." He smiled at the enchantress.

"Well once you have eaten, and my servants have gotten everything together, you'll be ready to leave. I'll send one of my servants to see you through to the border of my kingdom, ensure that you get there quickly and safely. For now, while you eat, I must attend to other duties, but please, enjoy your meal." She smiled and bowed slightly, then turned and left. A crow fluttered onto a window sill nearby and eyed Naruto curiously, then left as suddenly as it had arrived, but suddenly Naruto felt an odd burning sensation deep within him, and he found himself suddenly remembering the stories of how the Enchantress was single, and whomever married her would be king of this land. He felt himself overcome with need and obsession, and decided to follow Minx secretly, to spy on where she was going.

"Xerxes, I think I shall go for a walk before I eat, I don't feel quite hungry enough right now." Before waiting for a response, Naruto took off quickly and quietly in the direction the enchantress had gone, determined to catch her alone and try to win her favour.

Chapter Fifteen - Christina's Fight for Survival

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