Once upon a time, in a land actually not that far away, there was a beautiful princess named Blue, she'd spend all her days wishing she could eat berries and cook cupcakes, but she was from the Kingdom Demiville, and if she stepped foot outside their borders, there were many hunters that wanted her dead. So she was always dreaming that one day a great prince would come, and say aloud, that he would take her to far off lands. That day never seemed to come, and then one day an evil man, Lord Hydro, from the land Carbonville sent men to kidnap Princess Blue and take her to his castle. Her loyal dogs Kookoo and Kreme ran to the King, King Lyre to alert him to danger. He called on his Seers of Orphehyus to tell him where his daughter was taken, and sent his best knights, Ser Naruto the Freak and Ser Xerxes the Rabbit to go rescue her, and the great and powerful Witch of Roses gave them many blessings.

Chapter Two - The Search

List of Facts LearnedEdit

  1. Blue likes berries, cupcakes an cooking
  2. Blue is the princess of Demiville
  3. She is not allowed outside as many want her dead or to keep her for ransom
  4. She daydreams a lot about a prince who will take her away
  5. Lord Hydro is evil and is from Carbonville
  6. She has loyal dogs Kookoo and Kreme, they alert Blue's father when she's taken
  7. King Lyre is Blue's father
  8. King Lyre has access to the powerful Seers of Orphehyus, they tell a prophecy that gives the King an idea where his daughter is (First Prophecy)
  9. Ser Naruto the Freak and Ser Xerxes the Rabbit are King Lyre's best knights and they are sent to find the princess
  10. The Witch of Roses gave them many blessings for their journey