As Kookoo and Kreme made their way across the kingdoms, always keeping on the trail of their princess, they couldn't help but think back to all those years ago, those days they used to run free on two legs and not four. They were such happy children, twin siblings, heirs to a great kingdom, that was, before the curse. Stuck in the form of dogs, they roamed until coming upon Princess Blue, who fell in love with them immediately, thinking them just dogs. At first they went with Blue out of necessity, needing shelter and protection, but after a few years, she became their best friend, and they never left her side, oft-times forgetting out there somewhere, they had a family, a mother who loved them, and a brother who hated them. Perhaps one day, someone would save them, and lift the curse, and return them to their former glory as the twins Princess Kookie and Prince Raiden. Until then, they kept moving forward, following the scent of their beloved Princess Blue.

Chapter Eight - Flight of the Brave One

List of Facts LearnedEdit

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