Angeli was not entirely convinced the great knights of Demiville would succeed without getting their daughter killed, so she decided to travel to Carbonville with her daughter Annamisasa and try to convince him to spare Christina the Brave for her sake. Having lied about there being no horses, she and her daughter packed up and set out for Carbonville alone.

Meanwhile, Princess Blue awoke to a cold dark dungeon, she started to cry and balled up in the corner where some straw had been spread on the ground. She missed her kingdom greatly and wished she hadn't wished so hard to one day leave it, but she had no idea so many were looking for her, including Christina the Brave and her faithful dogs Kookoo and Kreme.

Lord Hydro made his way down to the dungeon, eating an apple and stopped in front of Princess Blue's dungeon cell and laughed at her. "Ahhh you'll fetch me a pretty penny in the slave trade, of course not until your father pays a hefty ransom for the daughter he'll never see again." Princess Blue only cried harder, and wished more than anything to be safe in her father's arms. If only Ser Naruto and Ser Xerxes will be able to get to her in time.

While Lord Hydro was busy attending his captive in the dungeons, his mother, Lady Riri the Graceful, was alone up in her room. She hated her son, but could do nothing about it, and longed for the days when her husband had once ruled. They say he died of natural causes, but she was convinced that her son Hydro had killed him for the throne, with poison. His advisor and deadliest assassin, who was only known as "The Deadly One" was always whispering in her son's ear, corrupting him even further; she sighed, and made plans to go see the Princess Blue once Hydro was asleep and bring her food and medicine, and help as much as she could. Perhaps if she could just get a message to the Great Witch of Roses, maybe she'd have hope that everything would work out ok, but ever since Lord Hydro banned the Witch of Roses from the kingdom, she no longer had any contact with her. Few knew, but the great witch of Roses was actually her sister, but had never been gifted with the ability to perform magic, only her sister was.

Chapter Four - The Truth Will Come

List of Facts LearnedEdit

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