The Inn Keeper Angeli the Fair who ran Inn Angelo was minding her own business when Ser Naruto and Ser Xerxes pulled up on their great steeds. They had lost the fresh trail that the kidnappers had left and as it was getting near dark, they decided it best to sleep for the night. Angeli the Fair's beautiful daughter Annamisasa greeted them at the door. "Would you be requiring rooms for the night" she asked meekly.

Ser Naruto spoke up, "Yes child we would, and drink and food as well." Annamisasa nodded and hurried to take their money and make the preparations. Once they were well fed and well drunk, they retired for the evening, with plans to awaken early and continue their trek to Carbonville. As they were sleeping, Christina the brave one, Angeli's other more free spirited daughter, snuck into their rooms and stole their royal orders to find out where they were headed. Wanting an adventure of her own, she stole their sword and one of their horses and decided she would be the one to rescue the beautiful princess Blue. The evil Lord Hydro of Carbonville had killed her father in battle, and she wanted so badly to put him to death for justice.

Meanwhile back at the castle, Kookoo and Kreme were going crazy being cooped up, they wanted to be the ones to find their beloved princess, and while King Lyre was sleeping, they snuck out and followed the trail as well.

The next morning Ser Naruto and Ser Xerxes woke up to find their orders, Ser Naruto's sword and Ser Xerxe's horse stolen. When they questioned Angeli about this, she noticed her daughter was gone as well, and fearing her daughter had finally decided to run away to get revenge on the evil Lord Hydro, she told Ser Naruto and Ser Xerxes everything. They swore to her at the end of her tale, that they would make sure Christina the brave would be brought back alive, but because Angeli had no horses of her own, they were forced to continue their journey sharing a horse and a sword. Which was ironically all predicted by the Witch of Roses, but they were too stubborn to believe her predictions had any merit.

Chapter Three - Meanwhile

List of Facts LearnedEdit

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