Welcome to the Legends of Wiktoria WikiEdit

Welcome to the encyclopedia wiki of a chapter story called "The Legends of Wiktoria" made by the magnificent BachLynn23!

The original story can be found, here on the Camp Half Blood Roleplay Wiki....

I am also hosting the story on Wattpad....

Things To DoEdit

  1. Make a nicer main page
  2. Organise the top navigation Bar
  3. Create/Organise the categories
  4. Make articles on everything, objects, places, people, in the story so far
  5. Host story here as well
  6. Affiliate officially with the camp half blood rpg wiki
  7. WIP


  1. User:DaMigster
  2. User:BachLynn23
  3. User:Sonofapollo
  4. User:Therider

Latest activityEdit

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